The Aurora Birth Center was a miracle sent by God! Susie and her birthing team were absolutely amazing and made sure me & my husband’s birth experience was relaxing, memorable, and without serious complications. I didn’t end up needing any birth interventions, which I know would not have been the case in the hospital with a doctor delivering, considering my current health. In fact, the plan was to only have one child, but after our experience at the Aurora Birth Center with Susie Corcoran and her team, me and my husband are considering having another child someday. Thank you Susie!!!!!!!


Client Testimonials

I am so happy I found Susie and her beautiful birth center (and that she is an in-network provider with Providence). With my first pregnancy I worked with a midwife group, but appointments were very in-and-out, and felt more like I was at a hospital (plus I had to give birth at a hospital). I am so thankful to have found a different option for my second.

Susie is attentive and very thorough. She explained things to me that I was never made aware of with my first pregnancy. I also just feel comfortable and very taken care of. Susie is very experienced, but makes your visits feel like you are talking with an old friend.
My meeting Susie was serendipitous and monumental. had it not been for her belief in me I may not have had the home birth I wanted so much. Indeed I did, though, and her presence and compassionate confidence left me feeling totally safe during my daughters birth. Her strength and ease in the midst of such an intense experience was tremendously soothing. when I was pushing in the end I feel like i was able to channel her wisdom and courage into my being. she translates a lot of positive and affirming energy through her eyes. Super smart lady with a heart of gold. I trust her and her team of women very much. What an awesome day that was! i loved my home birth.
Susie is compassionate, understanding, caring, loving, non judgemental and accommodating. Exactly who you want as a birth partner!! Thank you Susie for all you do!
My husband and I love Susie and her staff. They are always so welcoming and very caring. Could not ask for a better Midwife and family practitioner for my family. Thank you for everything you have done and will do for us!

We are an old-fashioned family practice, meaning we enjoy long-lasting & personal relationships with our clients.

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