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Aurora Family Health is pleased to offer Holistic Health services to the Willamette Valley, including massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Acupuncture, and Float therapy. We believe that traditional body work is an essential part of wellness promotion. 

Massage Therapy

Research continues to show the enormous benefits of massage, from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders and injuries, to alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyles. As the medical community embraces bodywork, massage is becoming an integral part of mainstream medicine. 

Acupuncture & TCM

Acupuncture is a key-component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which has now been incorporated and adapted into many forms Holistic Western practice. This therapy includes the insertion of small needles into the skin at strategic points in the body to achieve balance and restoration.

Float Tank Therapy

Floating is a wonderful way to help the body into a deep state of relaxation and to relieve tension and stress. In addition, by giving oneself a break from the endless input of sensory experiences, the mind has a chance to recharge, rest, and emerge to face the world with renewed perspective and energy. Otherwise known as floatation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) or sensory deprivation, floating is backed by research and offers immense potential for personal growth and healing.

Our Providers

Monica Rudestam

Acupuncture + TCM + Massage

Monica Rudestam, L.Ac., MSOM, strives to understand the uniqueness of the individual’s constitution and his or her personal blocks to health. She combines her acupuncture training, herbal and dietary therapy, and hands-on physical and energetic modalities in order to bring awareness to the physical and energetic blocks in the body that inhibit reaching our full potential. To schedule with Monica call or text 971-409-4049

Laura Cannon

Massage & Craniosacral Therapy

Laura Cannon, LMT provides massage and Craniosacral therapy, as well as manual lymphatic drainage. Each treatment is catered to uniquely address the needs of the client and are often a blend of multiple modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral with a focus on pain and stress management. To schedule with laura call or text 503.939.2339

To book a wellness appointment, contact a provider (above) directly.

We are an old-fashioned family practice, meaning we enjoy long-lasting & personal relationships with our clients.

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