Float Therapy

Float Session Pricing

$ 140
60 minute massage & 120 minutes float
$ 75
120 minute float
$ 120
240 minute float

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About Float Therapy

Otherwise known as floatation-REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) or sensory deprivation, floating is backed by research and offers immense potential for personal growth and healing.

How It Works
During a float, you step into a quiet, warm, private spa called a float tank and relax back into water which has 1000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salts. The density of the water will cause you to float right on top! This means that, you will be fully supported, and you will expend no physical energy to maintain your buoyancy in the water. The water is kept at a constant temperature of around 93.5 degrees, which feels warm at first but soon becomes almost imperceptible. The magnesium in the salt is absorbed through the skin helping to relieve sore and tight muscles and tension. When you choose to turn out the lights, your eyes can rest in a comforting darkness that is the same if you open or close them. External sounds are kept to an absolute minimum unless you prefer to have music or nature sounds in the pod.

Without the need to pay attention to changing stimuli, keep yourself vertical, navigate traffic, or have a conversation (unless with yourself), resources which are otherwise devoted to these and other tasks are free for use in problem solving, creative exploration, pondering, or simply meditation, rest, and relaxation. Gentle music indicates when the end of the session has arrived. The effects of floating last for hours to days afterwards, and have the potential to last much longer.

Effects of Floating

The most consistent and widely experienced effect of floating is a sense of deep, lasting relaxation. As humans, we are often brought down by stressful sensory experiences. Dealing with problems at work, home, and in the wider world can cause us to lose sight of the beauty and positivity that life offers in every moment. Floating is a way to pause all of these stressors for 90 minutes and provide the mind and body a needed space for relief and reflection. After leaving the tank, one often finds their tension eased, optimism restored, and ability to appreciate the richness of life revived. This shift in perspective has the ability to follow you into all corners of your life. Its not uncommon to hear a first-time customer come out of their float and say, I have never been so relaxed!

Psychological Benefits
As the mind begins to relax its grip on the concerns and cares of the day, the momentum of the brain begins to slow down and relax. Creativity is enhanced, problems may be resolved, perspectives shifted. It is very common for floaters to dip into a theta state, which we normally cross briefly as we fall asleep. This can help in remediate chronic anxiety, pain and tension. It has been shown to help with a variety of mental and emotional disorders and in general people have an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Physical Benefits
We believe that where the head goes, the body will follow. As the mind enters a deep state of calm, your body cannot help but experience similar effects. The body has an opportunity to reset and realign itself, and it is common for neck, back, and joints to pleasantly pop during a float. Blood pressure reduces as the body moves away from physical tension related to the fight or flight instinct and enters its natural state of rest. Research has demonstrated floating reduces pain of multiple types, whether caused by an acute injury, physical exertion, or chronic conditions, including tension-related muscle pain and fibromyalgia. Muscles feel especially positive benefits from floating, as the combination of support and Epsom salt work together to give them total relief. The body absorbs magnesium from the Epsom salt-infused water, which facilitates flushing of lactic acid from tired muscles. An additional benefit enjoyed by many is an excellent night of sleep following a float, which serves those with insomnia or recovering from shift work and jet lag.

Conditions Float Therapy can treat:

  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraine headache
  • Jet lag
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Depression
  • Pre-menstrual tension
  • Post-natal depression
  • Back pain in pregnancy

Preparing for Your Float Tank Session

Our advice, and most frequent questions and answers

Plan Ahead: Allow yourself plenty of time to get here– it’s much harder to relax into the tank if you’ve been rushing. If you are late, your float session may need to be cut short to ensure the following appointment can start on time. We recommend arriving 10 minutes early for your first session to complete your form & 5 minutes early for all subsequent appointments.

Allow plenty of time for your float session: At this time we are booking the float room in 2.5 hour sessions. That allows you 90 minutes of float time and 30 minutes for showering etc. We highly recommend booking a 60 or 90 minute massage after your float if possible.

Shower prior to your appointment: If convenient, please shower before you arrive and do not put moisturizers, make-up or deodorant on – this will save showering time in your float session. We understand that this is not always possible so you are most certainly able use our shower before your float if necessary. If you are having a massage first or have any moisturizers/hair products/etc you will need to shower thoroughly.

Don’t shave or wax within the 12 hours prior to your session: The salty environment of the tank means that any freshly waxed/shaved areas may sting! Please reschedule your session if you have large cuts. This is for hygiene reasons as well as your own comfort.

Avoid caffeine or other stimulant drinks just before your session: These will make it difficult for you to relax into the tank environment.

Avoid large heavy meals in the 90 mins before you float: Not only might you feel unwell, but your digestive system will be making lots of noises and this can be disruptive in your float.

Don’t float straight after having hair colored or chemically straightened: Generally we recommend waiting at least 2 weeks after having your hair colored to avoid the salty tank environment causing your color to fade prematurely.

Don’t smoke shortly prior to arriving at The Float Room: It can make it difficult to relax into the tank. It also SMELLS and the smell is carried into The Float Room with you – which is unpleasant for staff & other customers.

Don’t consume substances (including marijuana) or alcohol prior to your appointment: We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone we suspect may be under the influence.

Turn off your mobile phone when you arrive: This is your time to escape the world & the ‘busyness’ of life. We ask that you turn your mobile off & DO NOT TAKE CALLS WHILE YOU ARE IN THE TANK ROOM as there may be other clients having a massage or acupuncture who are disturbed by this. If you need to make a call, please go outside. If you need to have your phone available for emergency calls (children/work) then we suggest you leave your phone at reception and we will look after it for you.

Remove contact lenses and jewelry prior to your float: But don’t forget to take them with you when you go!

Feel free to ask lots of questions: Let us know if you are nervous or unsure of anything, think you might be claustrophobic or tend to feel cold.

Bring along a comb if you will need one after washing your hair: We provide complementary towels and natural body products for your use.

If you have recently been experiencing illness (including fever or vomiting) please reschedule your appointment for after you have been well at least 24-48 hours. 

If you are menstruating: Feel free to come if you use internal menstrual products (such as a diva cup or tampon), or reschedule for after your period has concluded.

If you are recently pregnant or in the very late stages of pregnancy: check with your care provider for safety concerns.

To schedule a Float Session, call our office!


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